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How to Keep The Momentum Going

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At the beginning of a project there's normally a massive burst of energy and you feel like you are making lots of progress. But it can slow down. If you want to achieve your objectives you need to know...
Keep your whole team working effectively with these simple tips.
Tip #1: Set achievable deadlines
Complete everything by Friday? That's a lot to ask. So set deadlines for your team members that are achievable. In fact, it's even better to get them to help you set the deadlines. If they sign up to completing a task by a particular date then they are far more likely to achieve it than if you told them what the deadline is.
Split big tasks into smaller tasks so that each part has a separate end date. This will also make the deadlines more achievable and easier to monitor.
Tip #2: Monitor progress
You'll be able to see how well you are making progress on your project if you monitor the status of each task. Monitoring will also help you see if anything (or anyone) is slowing down, allowing you to talk to them about keeping the momentum going. Use real-time information to check the progress of tasks and ensure that everything is moving forward.
Of course, you need a plan to monitor progress against, so make sure you have all the tasks and proposed completion dates noted down for you to check against.
Tip #3: Share your progress with others
It isn't enough for you to know that progress is being made. In order for others on the team to feel as if they are achieving their project goals everyone should be updated on the project progress. This is easy to do with You can quickly produce project reports to show progress against your plan and share them with the whole team with just a few clicks.
Being able to see that the project is moving forward is a great motivator and will help the team keep going towards those end goals.
Tip #4: Celebrate success
Don't wait until the end of the project to celebrate success! Find a few moments through the project where something has been achieved that is worth shouting about and celebrate those. For example, the end of the testing phase when you have a product that is fit for shipping, or the completion of a big piece of design. It really doesn't matter what you are celebrating as long as it is linked to the project somehow and you can use the occasion to demonstrate what progress is being made and what is still to do. Even small celebrations motivate team members which in turn helps you drive the project onwards.

Tip #5: Don't take on too much
A massive project can be daunting for everyone on the team and you might find that work slows down because people are overwhelmed. Split your project into smaller phases and deliver it a bit at a time. This can help structure the work into achievable pieces and make it manageable. If it feels less daunting, the team will be more confident about making progress.

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