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How to Track Project Expenses

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Keeping on top of your project budget can be a challenge for Project Managers, especially as the situation can change very quickly. The key is to make it really easy to track project expenses. If the process you use is straightforward, then you'll be far more able to monitor spending accurately and in a timely fashion. Here's how to get started.
How to Track Project Expenses
Manage your project expenses with these simple steps.
Step 1: Identify
You probably already have an idea of the kind of expenses your project will incur. Your project team members will have their views as well. The first step is to identify all the costs for the project.
You can do this by brainstorming with your team. Go through the project plan and work out which tasks require you to spend money. Note everything down so you have a consolidated list.
Step 2: Record
Take your list and get it into a format that you can refer to easily. Try using the Expense Tracking form in to record all your expenses so that you can access it from anywhere.
If you don't make it easily accessible there is a risk that you'll end up forgetting to add additional expenses and your project will go over budget. With your list always handy, you can update it and add new things.
Step 3: Monitor
You now need to monitor how much you are spending against the expenses you planned. So keep your Expense Tracking form up-to-date with how much you actually spend.
This will give you one clear view of the truth, and allow you to instantly see the total amount spent on your project so far. With this information easily available, you can always be sure that you are managing your project within budget.
Step 4: Report
Reporting about project expenses can be difficult. As soon as you have put together the report, it is out of date. Using software to produce your reports makes it easy to report on the current situation.
Using templates and dashboards for reporting gives you confidence that you are seeing the figures in real time. Accurate reports can be a very powerful tool for you and your project sponsor. They can help you see if the project is likely to deliver within the approved budget, or whether you will need more funds to complete it.
Step 5: Revise
Your reports are a great way to see if the project is on track. If it isn't, look back at your Expense Tracking form and check that everything is included. Revise any estimates that you need to. This makes your expense forecast more accurate.

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