mardi 15 janvier 2013

Top 10 Reasons for Project Success

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Do you wonder what makes some projects wildly successful? Is your answer a simple one - YOU? Go ahead. Pat yourself on the back. Your personal involvement probably does make all the difference in the world. But for those of us that do not have the benefit of your presence on our projects, we need to know what stars align to ensure project success. Successful project managers like YOU share these ten attributes:
Top 10 Reasons for Project Success
#1 - Details are Closely Managed
If the devil is in the details, there is nothing more devilish than the complex and intertwining dependencies of a project. You stay on top of the details. When the project moves from point A to point B, you question those who say the details have changed and make sure to understand how it happened.
#2 -Big Picture is Understood
It's just as important to see the big picture as well as the details. Understanding the overall purpose and goal of the project allows you to make decisions and resolve issues that arise.
#3 - Decisions are Quickly Made
Paralysis by analysis is the bane of many successful projects. You use the best information you have available to make decisions quickly. Even if it's not the BEST decision, a GOOD decision suffices in nearly all cases.
#4 - Communication is Rampant
You can never have enough communication. If the worst thing is that somebody says they already know what you just told them, great. They have retained more than what your general audience remembers, which is about 10%. The reality is that you will have to deliver a message ten times before total recall happens.
#5 - Risks are Kept at Bay
Risk brings projects to a grinding halt. In successful projects risks are actively identified, managed, and squashed at every opportunity.
#6 - Expectations are Properly Managed
These days, it seems so cliche to say we manage expectations; who doesn't? As a matter of fact, a lot of project managers don't, becoming so consumed with day-to-day operations that clients or project sponsors are neglected. You spend quality time with stakeholders to ensure their expectations are met and managed.
#7 - Approvals and Sign-Offs are Respected
It's easy to get caught up in the momentum of a project and disregard the approval process or signing off on changes, plans or deliverables. You make sure appropriate parties are okay with a project moving forward.
#8 - Everyone is Involved for the Duration of the Project
At the outset, slews of people attend meetings, ask questions, and more importantly provide input for the direction a project should take. You keep these stakeholders involved throughout the entire duration of the project, not just at the beginning.
#9 - Meetings are Held Regularly
It's tempting to get together only when there are big problems, but when status meetings, project reviews, and other meetings are held regularly, it minimizes the risk of issues getting out of hand.
#10 - Good Relationships with Project Sponsors are Cultivated
You foster a good relationship with the project sponsor or client. The resulting trust allows you to smoothly navigate through troublesome times that may arise on the project.
These are the things that YOU do to manage a project successfully. For the rest of us, we need to hear these things ten more times!

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  1. You’re right. You should do these things if you want to be successful in this field. In addition, I think that a good project manager is someone who can communicate well with clients and team members. Harmony is a big factor in a successful project.

    Valencia Paz