dimanche 8 septembre 2013

How To Keep Your Project Files Secure

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Competitive advantage can vanish if information about your project is leaked outside the company. The news today is full of examples of where sensitive data has been stolen or lost from companies. Even if your project isn't top secret, you still want to make sure that data about your project is kept securely and confidentially.
Here are 5 tips for keeping your project files safe.
Tip 1: Use access control
Set up each individual user with their own unique user name. You'll also want to issue them with a unique password. Then select which projects you want them to be able to see. They will only be able to access the project files for the projects where you have granted them permission. Make sure that you do this for third party contractors as well, so that they can only see the documents related to the project they are working on.
Tip 2: Use an encrypted service
Online services are exceptionally secure if you choose one with strong encryption. ProjectManager.com uses 128-bit encryption, which makes it as secure as accessing your online banking service. It also provides each customer with their own dedicated customer database giving the highest level of security and confidence possible.
Talk to your project management software vendor to see what sort of encryption they use to protect your data for you.
Tip 3: Customize your views
Turn off the features that you don't want other users to see. You may not want, for example, every member of the project team to be able to access expense accounting information, so simply turn off access to that feature for people who don't need it. You can limit access not only to particular projects, but also to specific screens and information within those projects. Of course, you can always switch access back on later if you need to.
Tip 4: Review your user lists
People join the project team and leave the company from time to time. This is normal, and your security processes should allow for team changes. Every so often, remember to check who has access to your project files. Cancel the access, user names and passwords for team members who have left the company, third party contractors who have finished their assignment and individuals who no longer need to see your project documents.
Finally, check your list of users and ensure there are no generic logins like 'Project User' or 'Customer Services'. Make sure that everyone who needs access has their own personal login and password. Your IT team or Project Management Office can most likely do this for you.
Tip 5: Archive your data securely
Even when your project has finished you still need to make sure that your project data is kept safely. Using secure online project tools is a good way of making sure that data is available whenever it is needed, but held securely until that time. Upload your final project closure report and grant access to the Project Management Office team so that they can use the historical project information to improve future projects.

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