dimanche 13 avril 2014

Half of CIOs believe business has too many applications

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Karl FlindersWednesday 05 March 2014 15:24

Almost half (48%) of CIOs believe their business has more applications than it needs and just 37% think most of their applications are business critical, according to a study.
The Capgemini 2014 Application Landscape Report questioned more than 1,000 CIOs about the business application landscape in businesses across 16 countries.
It revealed that 73% of CIOs globally think 20% of applications share similar functionality and should be consolidated. A total of 57% believe that 20% of applications should be retired or replaced.
In the UK 78% of CIOs said they have a good or sufficient understanding of the state of the applications portfolio.
Ivar Sinka, head of business architecture at Capgemini, said in today’s digital age CIOs are seen as business enablers with a their roles including introducing new applications.
“This is directly driven by the new possibilities and fundamental changes that disruptive technologies – cloud, mobile, social and big data – can bring, as well as a greater recognition and understanding from the business value they can deliver.” In the UK 60% of CIOs have introduced cloud based technologies, 50% mobile, 30% social and 28% big data.
“However, this brave new world is not without complexity - CIOs are unsurprisingly facing multiple pressures when it comes to their business applications portfolio. We’ve moved on considerably since this study in 2011 where we saw CIOs delaying decisions on rationalisation.  Now, the rush of new technologies and the pressure from the business to implement and deploy new applications quickly, seems to be forcing their hand,” added Sinka. 
“As a result CIO strategies towards business apps are quickly turning towards more radical means of enhancing apps with the new digital technologies, or just replacing them to ensure that their IT environment is responsive to business needs, while continuing in their key role of protecting the organisation.”

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