lundi 24 mars 2014

Careers in information technology: A CIO guide to getting ahead in IT

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In this CIO Essential Guide, learn how CIOs in high-level careers in information technology are driving their enterprises -- and their profession -- forward.

By definition, CIO is a job title generally given to the enterprise executive responsible for developing IT systems that support larger enterprise goals. As these systems and services are increasingly linked to business success, CIOs are earning their seat in the C-suite, coming to be viewed as key contributors in framing strategic business objectives.
But the pace of change in technology infrastructure and services can complicate, even  blur, the responsibilities of the CIO, adding a level of uncertainty to what's needed to succeed in high-level information technology careers. This tension has become evident in SearchCIO's ongoing CIO careers coverage and was reinforced by TechTarget's recentIT Salary and Careers Survey.
In this guide, learn what the future has in store for careers in information technology and, specifically, the evolving role of the CIO. The news, tips, videos and expert advice will guide you on a path to better IT management, describing the technologies and strategies you should be employing to get -- and stay -- ahead.
This CIO Essential Guide on careers in information technology is part of the CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.


1. What's in a title, anyway?

To achieve a successful career in information technology, CIOs' strategic focus must continuously adapt as new technologies enter the IT equation. But CIOs are facing pressures beyond analysis paralysis of technology. Evolving enterprise roles such as chief digital officer, chief data officer and chief experience officer are cropping up in the workplace, potentially leaving CIOs questioning their own role, value and worth. The following stories and tips shed light on the CIO job description in the past, present and future.


2. Expert tips for excelling as CIO

In these videos from SearchCIO's archives, IT experts and thriving technology executives share valuable career advice for CIOs.


3. Innovating, transforming and driving IT toward success

Fulfilling basic job requirements is important, but in order to really flourish in the role, CIOs must be innovative and transformative leaders. In the following SearchCIO stories and tips, learn how real-life CIOs are integrating new technologies and upping their leadership quotient in order to stay in the top job and keep their organization relevant.


4. Career terms to know as a CIO

Do you know exactly what it takes to maintain a long, successful career in IT? Make sure you have a handle on these terms before applying for that promotion.


5. Compensation, optimism and technology priorities

TechTarget's recent IT Salary and Careers Survey indicated that CIOs are making more money (especially at larger companies), feeling optimistic about the road ahead (as long as management is on board with their IT priorities) and pursuing project priorities around bring your own device (but outsourcing is falling out of favor). Read these survey stories to understand the CIO mood right now.


6. Careers in information technology: How to get ahead

Careers in information technology are a hot field, but pulling down a position -- especially a high-level position like CIO -- isn't easy. As project priorities shift and new "must-have" skill sets emerge, your role, and with it your compensation, might be in flux. How can IT professionals climb to the top of the technology ladder? Take this quiz and find out.

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