lundi 19 mai 2014

Rogue IT

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Rogue IT is the use of unsanctioned information technology resources within an organization. 
The consumerization of IT has ushered in the use of employee-owned devices, including mobile phones, smartphonestablet PCs and even wearable technology-- as well as the use of cloud services and cloud applications --  into the workplace. As this bring-your-own-device movement advances, IT organizations are often unaware of the specific technologies their employees are using in order to do their jobs. Some of these technologies can pose security risks, or raise questions regarding the ownership of the data the devices store or produce.
Although the term carries negative connotations, rogue IT is not all bad. The use of consumer tools in the enterprise can enable business agility and satisfy employees who would like to complete tasks using devices, services andapplications they already own and know how to use.

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