mardi 28 février 2012

Simplifying Application Performance Monitoring Webcast Series

Learn How the Essentials of Application Performance Monitoring Can Boost the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Organization

Virtually every organization relies on applications that are vital to the business and ensuring the availability and consistent performance of those applications has become a top priority. Having the right tools to simplify the process of managing applications is a critical requirement for success. Our webcast series explores the essential elements of application performance monitoring (APM) and shows you how your organization can adopt streamlined procedures for effective APM.

Application Performance through the Eyes of Your Customer

End-user experience is the point where the business and IT connect and communicate via a common language. While the impact of poor web application performance and the resulting user experience is immediate to the business, it's not always clear to IT. And traditional monitoring tools only add to the IT blind spot. To gain visibility and effectively communicate with the business, IT needs a user-centric perspective on managing the web application performance. This includes the ability to monitor transactions in real-time, playback user sessions and develop meaningful business and IT reports. This webcast will show you how to meet these objectives.
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Key methods for Managing Complex and Multi-Platform Database Environments

The rise of "big data" is overwhelming many database sites, not only due to sheer volume, but also with the proliferation of new types of databases. These are creating new headaches for the data professionals who manage them. This webcast explores key methods to successfully managing today's complex cross-platform database infrastructures. We'll discuss the challenges DBAs face and strategies to select the right tools to monitor and manage the database environment. We'll also discuss solutions to consolidate and standardize database performance and service across your environment, ensuring consistent coverage, reduced cost of ownership, and the ability to extend to a full APM solution.
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Pragmatic Steps for Successful Application Performance Monitoring

The rise of virtualization and cloud technology has added a significant challenge when it comes to performance monitoring in the IT environment. What are these challenges? And what is the best approach to solve them? This on-demand webcast will let you know! It outlines best practices to building an application-centric monitoring solution. Watch the webcast today and discover what you should monitor, a step-by-step approach for application monitoring, what to look for in an APM tool, and more.
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