mardi 10 avril 2012

High-Tech Provider Opportunities in Big Data

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Hosted by Yvonne Genovese,
VP Distinguished Analyst

Big Data is rapidly becoming a recognized market term for the growth in the volume of data in end user customer organizations. Understanding how to use Pattern-Based Strategy to seek, model and adapt to patterns contained in big data will be a critical IT and business skill for end users, and a sizable market opportunity for solution providers.

End user customer business leaders and technologists have traditionally focused structured data seeking efforts on answering two questions – what happened and why did it happen. For the most part, investments in BI delivered reports that helped in this area. But business leaders are asking two new questions, what is happening right now, what is likely to happen and what events could affect the future. Provider solutions have to address these two important questions and be relevant and compelling to both the business leaders and supporting IT professionals.

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