dimanche 27 mai 2012

Live Webcast: Re-thinking IT as a Business

A lire sur:  http://www.techrepublic.com/webcasts/live-webcast-re-thinking-it-as-a-business/4248173?promo=550&trial=25512475&tag=wpzd

Source: ZDNet

Traditionally IT has been a cost center, a team of experts procuring assets and services, and managing how they should function. More recently IT has been regarded at a road block to agility. Now there's pressure to shift and turn IT into a business. What's the road ahead for this $100 billion market?

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  • Learn how IT can enhance the Business
  • Evaluate in-house and outsourced capabilities
  • Join top enterprise IT leaders on how cloud and hybrid computing models are accelerating the pace and demand for IT transformation
Register now for ZDNet's Hot Topics: Re-thinking IT as a Business. IT organizations are under pressure to re-define IT to align it better with the business strategy and make it a source of revenue. Re-defining enterprise IT takes some re-thinking, join us to be part of the transformation.

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