lundi 4 juillet 2011

Practice your project skills in a virtual environment with fun, fast-paced course

Project management is like a puzzle, with many pieces that come together to form a complete picture. See how good you are at coordinating all the pieces with the fun, animated simulation course Project Integration Management.If you enjoy computer games and being immersed in artificial environments, you’ll love this course. In this simulation, you serve as the project manager for a team responsible for translating and distributing a new software product for international markets.This fast-paced, engaging course feels like a real project! Use what you know from the Project Integration Management Knowledge Area from the PMBOK® Guide--Fourth Edition to make decisions as you manage relationships with global offices, establish vendor contracts, and work with manufacturing partners. View course demoProject Integration Management is a great way to:
practice managing a project in a risk-free environment
gauge the effectiveness of your decisions and learn from your mistakes
be better prepared for your next real-life projectProject Integration Management – Simulation Two-week e-Learning seminar Part of the PMI eSeminarsWorldsm series PDUs: 14 CEUs: 1.4 Choose from the following dates:
9–23 June Register for this session by 7 June!
4–18 August
8–22 September
6–20 October
3–17 November
1–15 December

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